Succubus Demon Encounter

Adrian pulled up at the Kroger station and started pumping some gas in his car. A German-camouflage Cherokee jeep pulled up beside him, and a beautiful young girl stepped out of the vehicle on the other side of the pump. She walked back and forth from the gas pump and to her vehicle as if she had forgotten something. Then she pulled the pump and put the nozzle inside her tank. She pushed the buttons and then started to squeeze the trigger, but there was no gas coming out. She wasn’t there for gas, she was just pretending. She wanted Adrian to notice her.

“Hi, how are you doing?” Adrian asked. “I’m doing fine, I just got my license. I’m so excited. I’m just driving around looking for fun stuff to do for the weekend. Because, I’m kinda bored, but I love to drive.”

Adrian never left the bar with that beautiful young lady he’d met the night before. He had forgotten all about her; his mind was rather distracted from being in contemplation: thinking about his conversation with Mr. Smith. He can only imagine now what all he must have told him, because after all, he wasn’t really that sober.

“You just got your license? I better watch out for you on the road then.” Adrian said to her jokingly. She smiled and said, “What do you mean?” “Nothing, I’m just kidding,” replied Adrian. They then stood there by the gas pump staring at each other for a moment. It was that awkward moment of silence when two people meet for the first time and their energies collide, and by the expression on their faces, you know that they are sending and receiving each other’s energy; which makes them believe that they are two people in love, when actually, they are not. It is only for this brief moment: the collective energy-force that surrounded them were using their emotions to compel them. But perhaps it was her intention to hypnotize him. Clearly, he was given in to her seductive power. The sexual fantasies he’s had on his mind the night before; have now been aroused in him, and is was being used unsparingly to charm him. She was leading him on, playing the innocent victim. She knew right then that he was an easy target. And he was just too blind to see it, because men don’t look for beauty with their heart; they look for beauty with their eyes. Of course he believed that she was innocent: just a young teenage girl who wanted to have fun. He wasn’t much older himself; he was only 21 years old. But he should’ve at least expected this, but all he could think about in this moment is that this pretty young thing was out for some weekend, and he wanted to be the one to show her a good time. When obviously, that was the thought she’d impressed upon his mind.

It’s funny how men think that they’re in charge, when women are the ones running everything. Women has so much power over men. She can make a strong man become weak in an instant. She has been endowed with beauty and affection; her beauty is the curse of men. She can take all his power from him with just one touch or a kiss, or just one sexual gesture. The king wants to conquer the world for her. Only a woman has the power to soften a mad king’s heart; she can make him lose his kingdom. But the devil is behind it all. He was there in the Garden of Eden to seduce her just as he is doing today. How else might he defeat his greatest enemy?

The naked eye never sees what sinister power lies dormant beyond the desires of the flesh. During the moments of sexual euphoria, one never tries to understand how this moment came to be: what spiritual energies collided to form this moment; and after the moment is gone – how shall it affect your soul? Each time we have sexual intercourse, we give away a part of ourselves that we cannot get back. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Sexual intercourse either takes from our vitality or give us more vitality. But each time we come together in intercourse, we are sharing the deepest part of our being. It is in this moment when we are most vulnerable. Evil entity can enter into the core of our being and take over our soul, and when this happens, we are no longer ourselves. Caught up in sexual euphoria, the noblest of men often lose their way. Some men travel far beyond their place of comfort to find misery in another country, just to be in woman’s arms. And only after having all his sexual fantasies fulfilled, when the wine begins to turn sour in the glass, that’s when he remembers what he’d left behind at home: his family, his country, his true home.

Evil masquerades itself in the flesh: it looks very beautiful on the outside, but inside it’s full of demons from the underworld, and it’s only desire is to devour your soul.


Adrian’s tank was now full. He put the pump back in its place, printed his receipt, and got into his car, but before driving away, he rolled down his window and said, “it was nice meeting you, drive safely. And I hope you find something fun to do today.”  Right then and there she developed this strange expression on her face, one of disappointment, as if saying to herself: “I thought we had a connection, why don’t he ask me for my number or invite me back to your place?” She didn’t reply, she just stared at him in astonishment. Adrian knew she was disappointed, because she didn’t reply when he told her good-bye; instead, she began playing on her cellphone – glancing up momentarily at him as she watched him leave.

Woman have this strange thing about them: they seem to believe that they have the superpower to know what men are thinking. And most of the time they’re right, but they are foolish to think that men are going to submit to their guilty conscience. Just as women often do, men try not to admit to being too gullible. But the truth is, we are all sexual creatures; some of us in stranger ways than others, but we all do have sexual fantasies that makes us feel very guilty or innocent at times.

Women like men to say what’s on their mind, but if a man really says what’s on his mind to a lady, often times the women might think it’s degrading. “Excuse me, you look very beautiful. I am very attracted to you. Would you like to go back to my place and fuck?” The reaction would be something like this: “What the fuck?” “What do you think, that I’m some kind of slut?” Or it may be a slap in the face. Sex goes deeper than any conversation.

Adrian’s belief in himself and making himself useful in life is a part of his core being; that’s the part of him that makes him feel like a man. But he is at constant battle in his mind trying to give himself over to love. Love to him has a different meaning: he sees love differently from the rest of the world. Love is two people coming together to share their soul with each other; their souls become one, after which, no matter what obstacle presents itself – they will still have each other. Once the souls are connected, even if they only got to share the one moment with each other; that one moment will last forever.

It’s all too typical to him, the sedimentary life. He doesn’t want that for himself. Sometimes he wished he had it, but at other times he’s glad that he doesn’t. But this also makes him feel guilty and selfish to not want to give that to someone else, because after all, it’s pretty human. Why should he feel very different from the rest of the world? Everybody’s looking to create meaning in their lives, and the typical way to do this is to get married and start a family, or just start a family. But that to him seems most unhuman like. If that is our highest aim, if that is what makes us human, then how different are humans from other organisms – say a dog, a rock or a tree? We do have consciousness, which makes us feel that we are far more superior than animals, but our biological behavior has not been much different.

It is because people die; that’s the reason why creation must go on, and it is because creation continues why people must die. But is there ever a middle ground where the soul gets to see beyond all this? That is God looking down at his creation, just like humans looking at the flowers in the garden they’ve planted: the old flowers die and the new flowers sprout. Adrian’s got an old soul. Perhaps, he was reincarnated and came back to find himself, to search for a meaning beyond this life: this whole living and dying after a hundred and more years old. Does life exist outside this cycle? If our souls were reincarnated, how do we know?

Adrian didn’t drive much farther; he pulled his car into a vacant spot in the Kroger parking lot because he had planned on going grocery shopping. He opened the door and got out of his car, and he was about to walk towards the storefront. But suddenly to his surprise, the Cherokee jeep pulled up beside him. It was the pretty young thing once again. She was talking to someone on her cellphone. Adrian could hear her end of the conversation because she was talking very load, as if shouting at the person on the other end. “I’m not ready to go home yet. I’m trying to find something fun to do first. I think I’m just going to drive around town.” She then mumbled a few more words and hang up the phone. Adrian stood between his vehicle and hers; she was looking at him while still punching buttons on her cellphone.

“Where are you trying to go?” Adrian asked. “I don’t know, I’m just bored. Plus it’s Friday and I want to do something fun.” She replied. “What’s your name?” Asked Adrian. “Nikki,” she replied. Unexpectedly, she didn’t ask him his name. She just kept punching buttons on her cellphone.

Adrian: “How old are you?”

Nikki: “How old do I look?”

Adrian: “I don’t know, you look kinda young.”

Nikki: “I’m 18, I wouldn’t be driving if I wasn’t.”

“But you could be 16 and driving,” Replied Adrian.

“I’m 18, do you want to see my ID?” She said abruptly.

She handed him her identification, and he verified her age and handed it back to her. “And it’s not fake either, I just got it two days ago,” she said to him.

It was now very clear to Adrian that this girl was really into him, that she even went to the point of presenting her identification to him.

‘What’s your number?” Adrian asked. “I’m not going to give you my number we just met.” She replied jokingly. “Why don’t you give me your number and I’ll text you?” she said. He told her his number, and she typed it in her cellphone. They talked for about 10 minutes, before Adrian invited her to follow him back to his apartment.

They pulled up in the parking lot of his apartment complex. Adrian quickly exited his vehicle and went over to her window and told her to park in a visitor’s spot, as he doesn’t want her vehicle to get towed by the towing company.

He opened the door of his apartment and walked ahead of her to open his room. But after opening the door to his bedroom, he turned around and noticed that she was still standing outside the apartment – the apartment door closing in her face. He walked back to the door, opened it and asked her to come in. Then she got to his bedroom door and stood outside again waiting for him to invite her into his room. He went in ahead of her and then invited her in. “Come in,” he said. She then walked in and closed the door behind them.

Nikki: “Can I use your bathroom?”

Adrian: “Sure.”

She went into the bathroom immediately and was in there for about 6 or 8 minutes. As soon as she opened the bathroom door and walked out, Adrian snapped a few pictures of her. She immediately charged at him and wrestle the phone out of his hand. Unexpectedly, she was already completely naked, but even more unexpected; she was incredibly strong. She deleted the nude pictures, except the one that he’d snapped of her before she went into the bathroom. She then handed the cellphone and went back into the bathroom.

She seemed a little bit upset so he followed her into the bathroom. He stood behind her and put his arm around her waist. They were now both staring at each other in the mirror. He reached over with his hands to feel on her breasts. Then he put his hands down below her waist and touched her vagina. She didn’t react in any way; she just stood there surrenderingly.

Her red sweater and the very tightly-fitted jean she was wearing were lying next to her handbag on the bathroom floor.

Adrian: “Why don’t you want me to take your picture?”

Nikki: “Because, I’m naked and I don’t have makeup on, and my hair is a mess”

Adrian: “You still look beautiful!”

Nikki smiled, “I know, but still!”

Adrian smiled back and said, “Ok, I won’t take anymore pictures.”

Adrian stripped down right there in front of her; they were both staring at each other’s reflection in the mirror.

Nickki: “Omg! What is that?”

Adrian said nothing. His cock was protruding between her legs and she felt the shaft of his penis touching the opening of her vagina. He kept his eye contact with her by looking at her in the mirror, while still caressing her from behind.

Nikki: “You’re big, but you’re ok. I’ve had bigger than you before.”

Adrian immediately looked up at her, while trying not to seem surprised. He then let go of her and walked back into the bedroom and got out a pack of condoms. He then hesitated for a moment, because he was completely turned off by her comment. Here he was thinking that she was innocent, and clearly, she was quite a lot more sexual experienced than he was. He no longer wanted to have sex with her, but then he thought about putting his emotions aside to do this for her. She had come all this way for him, so it was the least he could do for her.

he walked back into the bathroom; held her from behind again and set the condoms on the sink in front of her.

Nikki: “I don’t want to use condoms,”

Adrian: “Why not?” “Are you trying to get pregnant?”

Of course, there were other risks like catching an std, but he didn’t want to ruin the moment, so he chose not to mention those as his concern. Nikki hesitated for a moment. “I won’t get pregnant, I’m on birth control.”

Adrian: “But still we had just met?”

Nikki: “So?” “I just want it to be natural, because it feels so much better and special that way.”

Adrian said nothing, he just stood there still looking at her in the mirror. Nikki began twerking and twisting her body against him to get him more aroused. She repeatedly forced her body against his cock – trying to insert it into her vagina, but he kept pulling back.

He let go of her and walk back into the bedroom and laid flat on the bed. He sat there for a moment contemplating the whole situation. He then sat up on the bed and was about to put his clothes back on, when suddenly she walked in and stood right in front of him. She then forced her body on him and got him to lay down on the bed.

She was about 5’4” athletically fit and slender, Caucasian with long blond hair that reached down to her lower back, very dark brown eyes, and her pubic area was completely shaved. Adrian as well has his pubic area completely shaved, he was about 5’6”, athletically fit, and slender.

She climbed on top of him and started jiving back and forth on his erected penis – rubbing her clitoris on him. Moaning at the same time and asking him question: “You like that, don’t you?” “You know you want it?” “You can have it baby!”

For a brief moment, she jerked her body rapidly and repeatedly down on him as if he was already inside her – his now fully erected cock almost slid into her vagina. She kept grinding on him and kept asking all sorts of naughty questions, while moaning and looking into his eyes. She kept this up for one whole minute and a half, until she felt him getting firmer and longer. Then she reached down to take hold of his cock to insert it into her vagina; when suddenly Adrian squirted sperm into her hands and onto the front of her vagina.

Nickki: “Oh my gosh! Did you cum?”

Adrian: “Yea!”

Nikki: “Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?”

Adrian: “I don’t know, it just happened.”

She got up off of him and walked back into the bathroom to clean herself up. Adrian could tell that she was very disappointed. About 7 minutes later she returned to the room still naked, but Adrian had already put his clothes back on and was sitting there on the bed. She got even more disappointed and walked back into the bathroom.

She returned once again – naked and stood directly in front of him, with her back facing him and typing something on her cellphone. She was hoping to get him aroused once more, but Adrian was already satisfied. Lucky for him, he didn’t actually had sex with her, because he didn’t put his cock inside her, but the experience felt very real to him; somewhat like a new sexual experience to him.

“I’m sorry about that,” Adrian said once more. “It’s ok, I just wish that you had told me that you were going to cum,” replied Nikki.

She remained nude for another 10 minutes; her phone kept ringing the whole time – she was sending a receiving message, before she finally began putting on her clothes. She received a phone call; the person on the other end wanted the directions to where she was at. Adrian told her his address and his apartment number; and she kept trying to explain to whomever was on the other end – what really happened between them. Because as far as intimacy goes, she claimed that they didn’t really have sex. “It’s hard to explain,” replied Nikki, trying to explain to the person on the other end. She then hangs up the phone and got dressed.

“Who was that?” Adrian asked. “Just my friends wanting to know where I’m at,” replied Nikki. She waited a little while longer to see if Adrian would want to have her once more. But he was feeling very skeptical about the conversations she was having with whoever kept bugging her phone.

Her phone ring once again. “No! Because, it didn’t happen.” “It’s complicated.” “Ok I’m coming out now,” she said to the person on the other end of the phone.

She went into the bathroom one last time to brush her hair, fix her clothes, and picked up the rest of her belongings. She was ready to leave, but she still had this disappointed look on her face. Adrian opened the door for her and walked her outside the apartment, stayed there and watched until she got into her vehicle before turning around and returned to his apartment.

Adrian remembered that he still hadn’t done grocery shopping, so he cleaned up a little and grab his keys and went outside to his car. This was about 10 minutes after, and Nikki was still outside in the parking lot pulled up next to his vehicle and talking to someone that was in another vehicle, which was parked 2 parking spaces away from Adrian’s vehicle. They seem to be discussing something. Adrian walked by and waved a smiled at Nikki; she then immediately spun her vehicle around, said bye to Adrian and drove away.

The vehicle that was pulled up 2 car spaces beside Adrian’s car, had several figures in the car. It was a brand-new black Cherokee jeep. The windows were tinted, but Adrian could see that there were several figures in the vehicle. Although he couldn’t quite make out who or what they were. They were just sitting there and was staring at him – with what seemed like eyes without their bodies. This spooked Adrian; he quickly got into his car and drove away.

Adrian returned from the grocery store and began contemplating the whole event with Nikki, because he was still spooked by the figures that were in the car next to him. He didn’t get Nikki’s phone number or had any information about her, all he knew about her was that her name was Nikki. When he’d checked her Identification in the parking lot, she’d mentioned jokingly that it was a fake ID. He didn’t take notice of the name on the card anyway, because he was only checking the date of her birth.

Adrian began looking through his phone at the pictures he took of her.  There were only two photos left from what she had deleted. In these two pictures of her, her body was fully clothes, but her noticed that her eyes looked rather strange. They her pupils were fully darkened with no white showing in her eyes, just pure blackness. This creeped him out much further.

He got up to look outside where the vehicle was parked that had the strange figures that were staring at him; the vehicle was still there. Inside the vehicle, he could see what seemed like glowing eyes in the dark. There were two pair of eyes in the front and three more pairs of eyes in the back. The eyes in the back of the vehicle were just floating about – crisscrossing each other in a way that does not seem humanly possible. While the pair of eyes in the front of the vehicle were sitting still and peering directly at him. These pairs of eyes were fully suited; they were wearing black suits. He saw very clearly that they had on black suits, these figures had a density of blackness that were so much darker than the suits they were wearing; they looked like human shaped shadows with black shining eyes. They were just sitting there waiting, as if they expected him to walk over and approach them. But Adrian turned around immediately and went back into his apartment. He made sure to close all the doors in his apartment and close his bedroom door behind him, and he put some furniture behind the door just in case.

Adrian was terrified, because the figures that were waiting outside his apartment didn’t looked like they came from this realm. Adrian began to reflect back on the whole situation that just happened with this stranger name Nikki; that’s all the information he had about her, because she never left her number.  This girl came to his apartment with one thing on her mind: she was ready to fuck him, and she wanted to do it without condoms. As soon as she got into his apartment, she stripped down naked in front of him. She wore a blue jean and a red sweat shirt, but that’s the only clothing she had. She had no panty and no bra; her breast was very lively, and her vagina was properly shaved. She was very attractive, and she seemed pretty healthy. But who in their right mind meets a stranger on the street and insists on having sex with them without wearing proper protection?

Adrian began running through all the possible scenarios in his head. Maybe this girl knew him, or she’d heard about him before. Or maybe she became contented with him the moment she entered his apartment and saw that he was a good guy, and she trusted him immediately. Or maybe she was out to get him; maybe she was part of an organized group of people who practiced the dark arts (witchcraft or satanic rituals) and she wanted to get pregnant in order to use the fetus for sacrifice. Or maybe she was a part of the organized group who are out to destroy black men. They send these young girls out on different missions: some are given the simple mission to collect the black man sperm for unknown reasons (perhaps to rear a child and use it for unknown reasons), some are given the mission to harm their victims by inflicting them with diseases, and some are given the mission to victimize and criminalize their victims by different methods. Another thing that puzzled Adrian is that he had had to invite her to come into each door. She did not enter inside the apartment when he opened the door the first time to let her in; he had to ask her to come in. And he had to do the same thing when he invited her into his room. He went in and left the door opened for her, but she didn’t go in; he had to literally invite her in. Adrian didn’t know what to make of the whole situation, because it was rather too strange for him comprehend, especially because he couldn’t explain the figures that were waiting outside his apartment.

Perhaps it was all planned out, and he was supposed to be a victim of some sort. He just couldn’t put the pieces together, but he was glad to know that he didn’t put his dick inside her.

That same night Adrian had a nightmare. He dreamt that he had sex with this Nikki girl, and he did it without condoms. He dreamt that he penetrated her while they were holding each other in the bathroom and looking at each other in the mirror. In the dream, she turned around to face him, kissed him, took his pant off, got down on her knees and gave him oral sex. She then stood up and led him to the bedroom, pushed him down on the bed, and immediately climbed on top of him, and very slowly and rhythmically began riding him, while moaning: “Ahh ahh! ahh!” She kept jiving him faster and harder until suddenly her moans began to sound like growls: “Grrahh, grrahh, grraah.” Her eyes became like total blackness and he could see the veins in her neck. She slapped him really hard in his face; and immediately, the door to his bedroom busted open and three shadowy figures came around the bed and held him down on the bed. She kept riding him; she put one of her hands to his throat, squeezed very tightly and began peering into his eyes. She opened her mouth really wide and he could see only blackness in her mouth; she seemed to be trying to gnaw at his soul, like she was trying to suck the life-force out of him. He felt himself trying to scream but he wasn’t making a sound, and he couldn’t move. He tried screaming the name of Jesus, but the words wouldn’t come out. And so, he closed his eyes in surrender and uttered the words, “help me Jesus” from inside himself (very calmly within his heart), and the girl and the figures that were holding him down immediately throw themselves across the room away from him. And at that moment he woke up from the dream. He immediately turned on the lights in his bedroom, grabbed the bible that was on the coffee table next to his bed, got down on his knees and began to pray.

He prayed for about 10 minutes before checking the time; it was 3:33 am. He made the sign of the cross, laid the bible unto the bed next to him, got under the covers and went to sleep once more.

Adrian woke up that same morning not knowing what to make of the whole situation. He thought for a moment while he was in the shower getting ready, that this girl must have been a succubus demon or an alien of some sort. But Adrian doesn’t believe in aliens; he believes that demonic entities, or jinn spirits are mistakenly regarded as aliens. The only possible conclusion that he was able to make, was that this Nikki girl was a demonic spirit wearing a human body, and that the figures that were waiting outside in the vehicle were demonic entities waiting to possess his body. In other words, they were demonic entities who were on the lookout for human bodies. Nikki’s role was to lower the victims by having sex with them and inflict them in some form or another during sexual intercourse, after which the entities outside would then be able to possess and take control of the victim’s body. That person would then become a living human being without a soul. No one would notice that they are gone, because their body still lives and moves within this realm, but spiritually they are gone. They can still attend to their jobs, and their family members would see them as the same person, but inwardly they are completely and utterly gone; for they are without a soul. The vanities of life will become more meaningful to them. They will work and accumulate more stuff; they will go on carrying out the duties of normal human life: like zombies without a conscience.

Adrian then thought about the possibility that there might be many people like this out there in the world. People who are possessed by demonic entities; they go to church, become leaders, and so on, and have babies just like other human beings. And if that were possible, then certainly, the devil has a solid plan in which he might take over mankind and rule for a thousand years. But these thoughts left his head just as quickly as they entered; for he was in a rush to meet up with Mr. Smith.

The story above is an excerpt from one of my books titled Operation Adrian. It is a series that is filled with mystery, facts, and fiction; a body of work which I called friction. Available soon on Amazon. 


I started this blog because I’ve had some stories that I want to share and I welcome others who have these stories and adventures to share them as well. This is a blog about true encounters, true adventures, true stories about things and events that actually happened, things that some people may find very hard to believe that are true. Hence, this blog is called the “ScaryTruthUntold.” These are stories about the unnatural, the spiritual dimension, the weird but true, stories about the impossible, witchcraft, demonic possession, demonic encounters, angelic encounters, seers, sages, fortune tellers, psychic, supernatural, magic, mystic, necromancy, paranormal, esoteric, and strange.

Most of us may experience some of these events while we were young, and as we get older we try to forget them because it is too hard for us to tell anyone about them, because we fear that they won’t believe us or that they will judge us in a certain way. Some of us even try to forget, and in our minds we try to convince our self that maybe it was just a dream, but remembering the event so clearly, we know in fact that it is true and because it disturbs our memory so badly we cannot seem to forget it. In fact, we are reminded of it every time we see, or hear something of that nature, it always brings us back to that moment. Why should we talk about it? Because in a world where we may think that we are alone, there are others like us who have experienced some of the same things, and they would like to know that they are not alone. Please, be inspired, share your story.